The following information outlines our practice policy for insured patients.  Our claiming procedure is as follows:

  • Accounts must be settled in full at the point of treatment, then claimed back directly from the insurance company
  • We will require a claim form or online claim link through the insurance company provider on the day of treatment. We ask clients to add our details to their policy to enable us to speak to their company direct
  • In some situations, we can provide a direct claim, this must be discussed prior to the patients appointment at Millennium.  We would need to process a pre-authorisation if your company offers this service.  We can advise the client on this process.  Each claim, policy and available insurance funding will vary from patient to patient.  Authorisation for a direct claim needs to be confirmed by both Millennium Vets and the insurance company and are not exclusive of each other (see our Terms and Conditions, click here)
  • If the insurance company does not offer direct claims, we can sometimes discuss the policy limits with the insurance company and decide whether we can facilitate a direct claim based on information they give us. Again we would need to be authorised on the policy for us to be able to speak directly and obtain this information
  • If we are able to accept a direct claim, we would require a deposit payment be paid at the time of treatment.  Again, we need a claim form or claim link ready for use. This would be based on the excess and co-payments, as well as any deductibles or policy limits.  We calculate this and inform you of the expected payment
  • Once a settlement has been received, we will reimburse any over-payments the owner made
  • Your insurance company may need you to claim direct with them.  In this case we will forward your pet's history direct to you.  No administrative fee** will be charged, unless there is a need for us to get involved
  • If your pet has been referred to us, we will need to know if your referring practice has processed any claims for the same condition and if these have been settled by the insurance company.  We will then be aware of any remaining benefits you have on the policy
  • The turnaround time for insurance claims is highly variable and is dependant on the insurance company and the nature of the claim. This can be from the same day - up to 3 months after the claim is made

We work on your behalf to process your pet's claim, but please note the overall responsibility for your policy and any claim is between the owner and the insurance company.

PLEASE NOTE:  **There is a one off £10 admin fee for completing all new claims.  Once this has been paid, we will start processing your claim.  This includes any further claims made under the same condition, organising any pre-authorisation (where relevant) and contact we may need to make to your insurance company for any reason.  

This administration charge is a nominal fee to cover some of our costs to process insurance claims.  ALL our fees are charged the same regardless if a pet is insured or not.  Our insurance team work hard on your behalf to process your pet's insurance claim as efficiently as we can.  This process is time consuming.  This is due to the wide range of policies & terms available; the way insurance companies are assessing each claim and the nature of your pet's condition/conditions.

To contact us direct regarding your pet insurance queries or claims please email insurance

Note: Insurance fraud is a criminal offence.  We will not back date, alter records or make false claims about your pet's treatment.  Please note we do not tolerate any rude or abusive behaviour towards our staff.