Register with and start earning cash back on the Hills diet range.  You can choose the option of a home delivery when in your account or order through us direct for pick up!

We sell Hills Veterinary Prescription & Vet Essential Diets

Ordering and delivery to your home, can be done direct through the website once you are registered, or pick up from us: order via petsapp or our online prescription and food ordering page - click here.

We recommend you sign up to the Hills Loyalty Scheme for cash back on your purchases, visit  Our Hills diets are competitively priced and we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  This is only offered through veterinary practices.

  • If your pet is on a veterinary prescription diet - check with your pet's insurance company to see if this is covered under your policy.
  • As with any change of diet, your pet needs to get used to the new taste/smell and sometimes texture of their new food - especially when they are feeling unwell.  For more information on how to achieve this and details on any of the Hills range, please contact our nursing team.

Visit and follow the online registration process.  

  • Once you have registered your own details you will be sent a confirmation email to activate your account.  
  • You will need our vet practice code 39229 to start collecting your cash back rewards.
  • Follow the online instructions and upload your MVP receipt showing your purchase and the 'proof of purchase' bar code on your food.  Please make sure the whole number under the bar code is included, e.g.   0  52743 45630  6
  • If you purchase the same type of food and the same size of bag, trays of cans and/or boxes of sachet the bar code will remain the same.

Its worth signing up for!  For every bag you will earn £4-10 depending on the size.  For wet food £4-6, depending on your purchase of a box of pouches or tray of food.  Once you have logged £24 worth of Hills products purchased from us you can start to redeem your cash. (Prices correct at time of writing - see website for further details.) So it soon mounts up!

If you have any queries about registration or adding your pets' food please email direct on:

For queries relating to claiming your loyalty funds please contact: