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Thank you for all you do!!!!   Owner of 6 Tonkinese cats who receive exceptional care from Millennium.

I have recently been made aware by a friend of mine of her having to change vets (nothing to do with Millennium).  This was despite vets being fantastic.  However the receptionists at this particular unnamed vets are rude, do not pass messages to vets and gatekeep with a vengeance!!  It just shows how a practice can fail thanks to a few individuals who should be the friendly empathetic face of the practice.
I am pleased to say that not only are the vets excellent at Millennium but so are the whole team, nurses, pharmacists and most importantly the reception/admin team!!

Mrs Phillips and Tonkinese cat family

To all at Millennium -  We thought you would like to see how well Sparkles is doing after her series of operations and lengthy treatment. Looking back at photos of her when she was in the midst of it, it's so clear how poorly she was. Now she is bright eyed, adventurous and quite mischievous! She and her brother Bluey were immediately delighted to be back together and are often cuddled up close, and both our little tripods are hopping around with no issues - climbing bridges, enjoying tunnels, and doing their best to escape whenever they can! 
 We can't thank you enough for all you did for Sparkles, and for being as determined as we were to try everything possible before admitting defeat. My two little girls are very proud of their strong, brave bunny and very grateful to the many vets and nurses who helped get her back to health. In fact my six year old has decided that she would like to be a vet and help other people's pets when she is older.  Thank you, The Karaolis family

The Karaolis Family with Sparkles (and Bluey!)

I have two Sphynx cats that are my absolute world. Every time I have had to take them to Millennium Way vets I have always been greeted by friendly, welcoming and caring staff. They make a fuss of my girls and I leave them knowing that they are in the safest hands. Very happy to have chosen this vet practice. Would highly recommend.

T Holdaway

We have a 17-year-old Devon Rex. He has had many health issues and complicated health difficulties going on for a couple of yrs. Laura Marshall has been his PA..... (sorry, vet! cat talk!), for a long time and has identified all his complicated health issues and found just the right medication for him! He is doing great. A brilliant vets. We have tried many but as fussy pet owners... Only perfect will do. Millennium has proven perfect!

Mrs Smith-Little

Compassionate care, expert knowledge

Millennium Vets are a leading independent small animal vet practice, based in Braintree and Coggeshall, providing high quality care for your pets.

Our surgery is well equipped with a wide range of medical diagnostic tools. We can treat almost any condition, including life-threatening ones, within the practice. This means quicker diagnosis, treatment and recovery times for your pet, as well as greater convenience for you (see ‘Our Services’ for more details).

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