The practice nursing team have all entered their profession with the primary aim of caring for the patients entrusted to them and you can rest assured that your pet will receive the highest standard of care during their stay with us.

Your pet may spend the day here for a planned, elective operation such as ovariohysterectomy (speying) or be hospitalised for a longer period for complex surgery or medical investigations. Whatever the reason, our dedicated ward team led by Registered Qualified Veterinary Nurses, assisted by student veterinary nurses and ward assistants work hard to provide your pet with outstanding care and support during their stay.

The nurses' responsibilities include regular assessments of each in-patient's vital signs, administration of medications, management of intravenous fluids and wound management. Just as important though is the monitoring of pain levels and pain control.  Attention to appetite, warmth and general comfort, not to mention that little extra bit of fuss, love and cuddles that helps all patients, human or animal, recover quicker.

Our individual dog and cat ward each have dedicated nurses and support staff.  We have an isolation ward for very sick pets and facilities for small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs and wildlife.  If you are ever concerned about your pet while they are staying with us then please contact us.  Our nurses are happy to give you an update on their progress.

We often use PetsApp to communicate with you - this has the facility to send not only messages, but photos and video clips of how you pet is doing.  Speak to a member of staff if this is something you would like to do.

Your are welcome to bring items with you to make your pet more comfortable, eg. blanket, toy, food or treats.  Please label any items clearly with marker pen or name tags to help us reunite them with you at home time should they need washing!

For small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs, please bring some of their normal diet with you - rabbit food, hay, fruit, veg.  This is so we can continue to provide them with the same food as you have at home.  We encourage bonded rabbits and guinea pigs to be admitted alongside their companion in many cases - this can really help with recovery and when they return home.  

Please contact our nurses if you have any questions about your pet's care when they are staying with us.