Please read the following information in full if you are planning to take your pet to Europe.  For further general information on Travelling with your Pet - click here

If your pet is travelling to Europe they will need to be examined by a vet and issued with a Animal Health Certificate.  This is referred to as an AHC below.

(For non-EU countries please contact DEFRA direct, click here, and check your requirements before contacting us for an appointment.) 

Information we need before booking your appointment:

We will need to know the following information before booking your pets appointment prior to European travel:

  1. Which country you are travelling to
  2. The exact date of travel
  3. Length of travel
  4. AHC only applies to owners travelling by car - please confirm you are travelling by car
  5. Please confirm your pet is up-to-date with their rabies vaccination - you will need to bring their vaccination card to the appointment.  (Rabies vaccinations are given every 3 years.  All pets travelling to Europe need a Rabies vaccination.)
  6. Please confirm you and your pet are registered with us
  7. If you are not a registered client we must have your existing vets history - please send this to us
  8. Existing Millennium Vets clients receive a discount on the AHC fee (see fees below)

Please note: 

  • Pets can not travel for 21 days after their rabies vaccination has been given and the animal health certificate can not be completed until this date has lapsed
  • AHCs must be completed within 10 days of arrival in the country of destination
  • For travel to  IRELAND, follow the same EU country advise

  • Treatment against tapeworm is required 24 - 120 hours before your pet enters back into the UK.

  • We also recommend owners are aware of diseases their pet may contract while in Europe, some of these diseases are life threatening or may require lifelong treatment. 
  • Whilst not mandatory for certification, we recommend pets travelling to the EU use adequate tick protection and for certain countries, adequate sandfly protection - we can advise on the correct medication for your pet.  (Please note if you require a specific parasiticide product, please let us know at the time of your enquiry.)

  • For more information on the risks for each country, click here 

Animal Health Certificate Fees:

  • MVP Client: £219
  • Non-MVP Client: £275
  • Prices above are for the first pet.  If more than one pet is travelling, the fee for each additional pet is minimal consultation fee of £32.57
  • If you and your pet are not currently registered with us and no history is presented at the time of the appointment an additional charge of £40 will be applied
  • Rabies Vaccination: £91.93
All fees are payable at the time of consultation.

(Fees correct as of 22.04.2024)

Appointment information:

A 45 minute appointment will be needed for your pet.  If booking more than one pet an additional 15 minute appointment will be needed for each extra pet.  This will be with Robin Creighton, Rebekah Robinson or Louise Pickett. These vets have Local Veterinary Inspector licences (LVIs).

You will need to bring the Rabies vaccination card to the appointment.

The owner that is travelling with the pet must be present at the appointment as they will be signing the documents.

The purpose of the AHC is to certify your pet is safe to travel and will not be a danger to human health.  A full examination will not be carried out during your AHC appointment.  If you have any concerns about your pets health a separate appointment will be required with a consultation fee of £53.76  If you are not a registered MVP client this should be carried out by your own veterinary practice.

The AHC applies to pet dogs, cats and ferrets. 

For more information visit DEFRA website.

Please contact us to book an appointment.