We are primarily a small animal practice.  This means we mainly treat dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and small caged pets.  In addition to this we also sees poultry cases (e.g. domestic chickens, ducks, geese).  In some situations we may be able to treat reptiles such as tortoises, snakes and lizards BUT FOR EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY, where a treatment plan is already in place.  Otherwise we advise clients (including all new clients and existing clients with new reptile pets) to to use veterinary practices with specific exotic pets provision, see below.
Birds & Exotic Pets:
If you have an ‘exotic’ pet or birds such as parrots / aviary birds we will often recommend you seek veterinary treatment from an ‘exotics’ practice **.    We do not have any veterinary specialists at Millennium but are willing to treat any species for first aid / emergency care then refer them on to an exotics practice.

The nearest practices to Braintree offering veterinary treatment for these species are:
RCVS Find A Vet listing: 
** There are only a limited number of vets with either RCVS certificates, Advance Practitioner status or are Specialist vets in Zoological Medicine.  To search for this please visit the RCVS Find a Vet website and used the advanced search option to select vets’ qualifications and species treated, click here.