You can request a written prescription for your pet's medication.  We can only do this for animals under our care.  Written prescriptions can be used to source your pet's medication from another veterinary practice or pharmacy.  All medication requests and written prescriptions are processed in the same way and require a minimum of 2 working days to process.  Our Vets review each request, pet's clinical notes and authorise further medication use.


  • First Item: £22.46
  • Each additional item: £20.30
  • Pheasant Prescription Charge: £61.56

  • Payment is required before your written prescription is collected or emailed to you, please advise us of your choice 
  • Refunds cannot be issued on Written Prescriptions once processed

Written prescriptions can in some circumstances be written for two uses, this will depend on the patients medication and interval for further examination. 

Medication such as controlled drugs, will be for one use only.  The quantity will be restricted to a 28 day prescription at any one time. 

Written prescriptions are usually valid for 6 months in the case of POM-V medication (unless a shorter period is stated).  Written prescriptions for controlled drugs are valid for 28 days (unless a shorter period stated).

Written prescriptions for some parasite medication can in some cases, be written for a 12 months supply.  Please ask at the time of request.

In accordance with RCVS regulations, all pets receiving prescription medicines must be regularly re-examined by a vet.  The general policy of this practice is to re-assess any patient receiving long term medication, every 6 months.  In some cases and depending on the patient's condition and type of medication, a shorter interval will be required.  You will be advised when your next review appointment is due. There is a reduced fee** for repeat prescription re-examinations, £49.00 inclusive of VAT.  Additional regulations involving antimicrobial and parasiticide medications apply, click here.

** If your pet is signed up to our monthly MVP Care Plan, the inclusive 6-month veterinary examination can be used for their prescription re-examination (if this falls at the same time) at no extra cost to you. This can be taken 5 - 7 months after you pet's annual vaccination.  All MVP Care Plan pets receive 25% off the cost of long-term medications.  To find out more please contact us.

To order your pet's written prescription please give you and your pet's full details and item/s you are requesting.  You can do this via one of the following:
  • Petsapp 
  • Prescription and Food orders online order form (click here - you will find this at the bottom of the page)
  • Email us giving you and your pet's full details and item/s you are requesting
  • If you would prefer to collect this from our Coggeshall branch, please also request this.  The practice is open on Tuesday and Thursdays (click here for branch opening hours)

Your pets medication:
Need to find out more about the medication your pet is taking?  All UK licensed prescription drugs can be found on the Product Information Database.  Enter the product name in the search bar, click here

Fees correct 23.1.2024