Providing our referring practices with a personal service is key to Millennium Referrals. We have been accepting orthopaedic referrals since 1993 and have built up our service to offer a wider range of disciplines at a referral level, but at a competitive cost to your clients.

Our relationship with you, the referring vet and your client are very important to us so we can give their pet the best possible care. 

For more information on the services we provide, please select a discipline from the list below.

To refer a case or speak to one of our clinicians contact us direct on 01376 325511 or email us at  Cases can be referred via our patient referral form below.

Please note: We do not accept first opinion work from any client visiting us for our referral service, unless 12 months have lapsed since they were discharged.
  • Patient Referral Form

    Please complete this form in full then click ‘refer form’.  Alternatively you can download and send via email, click here.  Please allow 48hrs for a member of the referral team contacts you, during weekdays.  If your referral is urgent or you would like to speak to a member of the team please ring 01376 325511. 

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  • Orthopaedic & Soft Tissue Referrals

    The practice has been taking orthopaedic referrals since 1994 and has been extended to take soft tissue referrals also.


    We have many years experience in dealing with more challenging lameness investigations and surgical procedures.  This includes the treatment all types of fracture repairs with internal and external fixation; arthrodesis surgery and  minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery for joint procedures such as elbow dysplasia.  We carry out Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) surgery for cruciate disease, or more traditional cruciate surgery depending on the needs of the individual patient.

    Soft Tissue

    We offer BOAS assessment and surgery and take referrals for more complex soft tissue surgical procedures.  Referrals are also taken for perineal surgery, surgical oncology , skin flaps and urinary surgery.

    Our surgeons

    Lindsey Nice gained her RCVS Small Animal Surgery Certificate in 2011 and is a RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Orthopaedics.   Tina Smith gained her European GP Certificate in Small Animal Surgery in 2012 and the RCVS Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Practice in Small Animal Surgery in 2013.  

    Lindsey and Tina are happy to discuss cases with referring clinicians.  Please call direct on 01376 325511 or email 
  • Oncology & Dermatology Service

    Stefaan van Pouke has an RCVS Certificate in Veterinary Dermatology and has a Clinical Oncology Postgraduate Diploma from the University of Birmingham.

    He runs the oncology and dermatology service for Millennium Referrals and see patients referred internally and from neighbouring practice.

    Stefaan is happy to offer advice to vets from referring practices.  Please ring 01376 325511.
  • Poultry Medicine Referrals

    Poultry cases are seen on a daily basis. Patients are generally backyard flocks and pet birds.  No commercial poultry work is carried out.  We treat all our poultry cases with as much care and attention as the more commonly presented pets. The treatment is geared towards the individual bird or small flock. Illness workups are supported by diagnostics such as the use of ultrasound on the abdominal cavity. We also have the facility to anaesthetise and perform surgery where needed. 


    Poultry referrals are taken by Robin Creighton at Millennium Veterinary Practice. Robin has kept poultry all his life. He breeds and shows large fowl and bantams, having been highly successful and winning supreme show champion at both the Poultry Club of Great Britain and the National Federation of Poultry Club championship, beating over 6,000 birds on each occasion.   Robin is an Honorary Veterinary Surgeon for the Poultry Club of Great Britain. As the vet for the championship shows he gives advice to their council on health and disease matters throughout the year. 

    Poultry Medicine Fees

    We treat all our Poultry cases with as much care and attention as the more commonly presented pets.
    First consultation fee: £40.00
    Further review consultations: This will depend on the nature of the patient's condition, but will be a reduced cost from the first consultation fee.
    For further advice, please contact us.