We have a long successful history of training veterinary nurses.  Our students are enrolled on the the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons veterinary nurse training programme are studying through an approved FE or HE training provider.  Training takes between 2 1/2 - 4 years depending on route.

Veterinary Nurses are diversely trained in many disciplines and have a long list of skills.   As mirrored in human health, our students are involved in all aspects of patient care under the direction and supervision of our registered veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons.  We have a strong team at Millennium and our staff of vets, registered nurses, student nurses, ward assistants, receptionist and support staff all work together to care for you and your pet.  

All our student nurses can be identified by their uniform - green / white striped tunics with green trousers and all wear student name badges, with the exception of theatre time when they were scrubs.

The skills our nursing team learn throughout their training include: 
  • animal welfare
  • care giving
  • client care
  • diagnostics, eg laboratory work and radiography
  • hygiene and sterility
  • medical nursing including first aid / fluid therapy / wound management / critical care / palliative care
  • nurse consultations
  • nutrition
  • phlebotomy
  • pharmacology
  • preventative healthcare and husbandry
  • professional issues and legislation
  • surgical nursing and anaesthesia, including theatre practice and theatre management
  • wound management

All our students, like all our registered nurses before them, follow a structured training program.  Theoretical knowledge is gained through the college or university, accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.  Our students mainly attend either Writtle College or the College of Animal Welfare.  They are employed by us and receive practical training and theoretical support from our very experienced registered veterinary nursing staff, a number of who are trained as Clinical Coaches, for ongoing one-to-one support and completion of their extensive training evidence.  Our degree students come to us for placements from any of the veterinary nurse degree institutes across the country and are supported in a similar way.

Note: Clients will be asked to sign a consent form for any pet that is being admitted into the practice.  There are a number of points we will discuss before we can gain your consent, before you sign the document.  As part of this we will need your consent to allow our students to help nurse your pet under the close supervision of our registered veterinary nurses and vets and allow the collection of anonymised clinical information and images as part of their evidence. 

We appreciate your support in helping our students become the next generation of registered veterinary nurses.  If however, you wish to withdraw your consent please let us know.

For more information on Veterinary Nurse training visit:

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