Honey, a young Cocker Spaniel was rushed into our practice after being hit by a car. She suffered a horrendous injury after being hit then dragged by her back legs.  Miraculously she suffered no internal injuries. A long recovery lay ahead of her to heal the deep lacerations, in some places exposing bone and tendons, on her back legs. Honey was brought in as an emergency at 8pm that night, after she was hit by a car.  She was examined by vet Stefaan van Poucke and was bleeding profusely from her left hindleg with multiple lacerations on both hindlegs. Temporary pressure bandages were put on both legs while she received emergency care.

Pain relief was a priority as well as fluid therapy to counteract the shock following her accident.  This was followed by antibiotics as all her lacerations were contaminated during the accident.   Stefaan went on to take x-rays and ultrasound to check for any signs of internal damage. X-rays of her chest showed no bleeding or injuries.  Her full abdomen scan showed all her organs appeared intact, including her bladder, spleen, liver and kidneys. 

After Honey was stabilised, she was given an anaesthetic to thoroughly examine her wounds. These were then flushed and debrided (to remove the dirt from her wounds and make them ready to be sutured) before closing the lacerations with sutures. During this procedure she developed swelling around her eyes and muzzle. This did not affect her breathing or airway but was thought to be an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she received. She was given emergency treatment and the swelling reduced.

X-rays were taken of her hindlegs. Amazingly she suffered no fractures but there was damage to her right hock joint.  The lacerations extended to expose the tendons and bone over her right foot.  The swelling over her toes were a major concern, as poor circulation to the site would delay healing. On her left leg the wounds extended into her hock joint, with damage to her joint capsule.  This was lacerated so Stefaan was unable suture the capsule back together. The surrounding muscle and tissue layers were sutured.  Mrs Hammond was advised that the damaged joint may result in the development of arthritis at an early age.

The day after the accident and her procedures, Honey was really bright and wagging her tail. She ate well and went the to toilet, walking on both hindlegs, needing only a little help.  She decided she didn't need her drip anymore and removed it herself!  But Stefaan was not concerned as she had recovered from the shock of the accident, was not dehydrated and was eating and drinking normally.  She was given a continued course of pain relief and a different type of antibiotic.

Honey's left hindleg wounds appeared to be healing well, but Stefaan was concerned about the progress of her right leg which was still very swollen and discoloured.   A course of laser therapy was started to help encourage healing over her wounds.

She was referred to Dick White referrals to assess the circulation and wound of this foot.  A few of the skin sutures were removed due to the swelling but the circulation to her foot was returning.   She went on to have her wounds flushed and redressed daily.

Honey recovered amazingly well but it took a recovery time of nearly 8 weeks after her accident until she was finally discharged. Honey's owner Mrs Hammond, reflected on Honey's accident and recovery:

" Honey is a golden working cocker spaniel aged 2 and a half, she is a family dog and not just any dog she's my little princess. She's kind hearted, loves a cuddle, and a extremely fun dog to have. Her best friend is my 4 year old son who's she's grown up with and often causing mischief together, Honey is everyone's friend and whenever met by someone new they always comment on what a beautiful girl she is.  On Friday 13 November she was tragically hit by a car which lead being dragged down a road by her back legs. This was one of the hardest things me and family had to go through. But with our fast reaction and the amazing help from Millennium Vets particularly Stefaan Van Poucke who saved Honey's life as well as her back legs, she has now nearly fully recovered.   She beat all the odds and still wagged her tail throughout her treatment.  Honey was transferred to Dick White referrals and carried on making amazing progress quicker than they ever thought she could. Altogether she had over 10 operations with 5 nights in the vets. Throughout the whole treatment Honey always stayed happy, wagged her tail and was always excited to see the vets to receive her future treatment. 

Honey's spirit hasn't changed throughout it all, she'll always have issues with her back legs as they're not quite as strong as they used to be which means sometimes she struggles to jump up as she goes stiff. Me and my family can not thank Millennium Vets and Dick White referrals enough for the support and treatment they have given my princess. Thank you for nominating Honey for her bravery award, this means a lot to me and my family after the dramatic time we went through with her.   Thank you Leanne Hammond & Family "