Species: Avian Breed: Hybrid, ex-battery hen Age: 3 years

A pet ex-battery hen was presented with a distended abdominal cavity, dysponea (difficulty in breathing) with cyanosis and a pendulous crop. 

On examination the bird had lost weight and had a grossly distended ascitic abdominal cavity. 

The bird was diagnosed with egg peritonitis from examination. The abdominal cavity was drained of 600ml of fluid. 

The dyspnoea and cyanosis improved straight away. The bird was placed on a life long daily course of antibiotic (enrofloxacin) and anti-inflammatory (meloxicam)drugs.

The crop stasis was cured with a 10 day course of metocloprimide.

The bird lived happily for another 18 months with a good quality of life without the need for any further draining of fluid.