Species: Avian Breed: Hybrid, ex-battery hen Age: 3 years

A 3 year old e-battery hen was seen with bumble foot on its left foot.   On examination there were two firm masses in each side of the middle digit.  

Management issues were discussed to reduce trauma to the feet.   This involved keeping the birds off concrete to reduce trauma to its feet and reduce the length of the perches and providing deep litter to reduce the impact of jumping own.

Initially the bird was placed on a 28 day course of antibiotics.   After a month there was no improvement.   The only treatment option was surgery to remove the caseous pus and fibrous tissue.   The bird was given a general anaesthetic and maintained via an endotracheal tube.   Surgery was performed to remove all the caseous pus and fibrous tissue.   A sample was taken for bacterial cultures and sensitivity.   This cultured an E.coli resistant to enrofloxacin but sensitive to amoxycillin clavulanic-acid.  

The antibiotic was changed and given for a further 28 days.   The hen made a complete recovery.