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Our MVP Kitty-Cat Parent Klass is specifically run for kitten and cat owners. The klass is also ideal if you want to know more about cat ownership, before bringing a new pet home.   The Klass will include: cat and kitten behaviours; health and husbandry needs; common medical issues and many useful tips from buying the right toys and most suitable scratching posts to getting your kitty used to her cat basket! Our event takes place at our Coggeshall branch on West Street. Places are limited so pre-booking is essential.   For further details see below:
Living with cats can be very rewarding experience. They are fascinating animals who make loving companions yet retain many of the biological and behavioural traits of their ancestors - the wild cat! It is important to understand their natural behaviours and complex needs and this is why we run MVP Kitten Parent Klasses. 

This is an educational event for owners only, please leave your 4-legged family members at home!  

Please contact us if you would like to be added to our waiting list: 
t. 01376 325511 

This event is normally held on a Tuesday evening, either at Braintree of our Coggeshall Branch, 30 West Street, Coggeshall, CO6 1NS (Just opposite Paycocke's House/Gardens and The Fleece) 

Each kitty-cat family will go home with a MVP Kitty-Cat Klass goodie bag. This includes books, feeding ball, toy, vouchers and more! 

£15 inc VAT for each Kitty-Cat family.   Places limited to 2 people per family, please let us know if you require further places and we will do our best to accommodate you.
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