Guinea Pig's Housing


Guinea Pigs can be kept outdoors or indoors. If outdoors they need a hutch which is draft, weather and vermin proof. Guinea Pigs are susceptible to temperature changes. During the colder months they require extra bedding and a protective cover over the hutch at night. In hot weather guinea pigs can suffer from heat stroke. They will mouth breath when they are overheated; if this happens contact us for advice. Heat stroke can be prevented by keeping the hutch in a shaded area and filling a plastic bottle with water, freezing it and placing it in their hutch so they can lean on it if they need to! Their hutch should be checked every day and should be cleaned out at least 1-2 times a week, especially during the warmer months. Space is important for any animal, so try to get the biggest hutch you can afford. Pets kept in hutches need environmental stimulus and exercise is important. Try hiding their food and give them boltholes to hide and play in. Give your Guinea Pig a secure run, ark or enclosure so they can graze. This should be portable enough to be moved frequently onto fresh areas of grass.

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