Rabbit Neutering


Neutering is very important in rabbits to prevent unwanted litters.   There are health and behavioural implications too:

Does suffer from uterine cancers, if not neutered, which is a very painful condition. 80% of unneutered does over 4 years old develop uterine cancer. They can also become aggressive if left entire.

Neutering bucks can also reduce aggression, spraying and makes them much more relaxed. Castrated bucks can still mate successfully with unneutered does, up to 6 weeks after their operation. If a buck and doe are being kept together neutering is recommended in both sexes at the same time. If this is not possible keep both rabbits separate for 6 weeks.

Both sexes can reach sexual maturity from as early as 8 weeks, though it is uncommon for them to mate successfully at this age. We recommend spaying does from 16 weeks and bucks at 12 weeks. For male and female pairs, neutering at the same time is recommended.

For further advise on early neutering click here or contact us 01376 325511 or admin@milleniumvets.co.uk

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