Rabbit Housing


The rabbit hutch was invented in the Victorian era as temporary housing before they were eaten. Rabbit hutch sizes have not moved with the times and many rabbits spend most of their lives in a hutch which is too small for them. Our rabbits need to be able to jump along their hutch, (at least 3 full jumps) stand and stretch up on their hind legs without touching the hutch ceiling.

For most breeds this means a hutch of 6ft long x 2ft tall so this is recommended as the minimum hutch size, but bigger is always better. A hutch is not enough. Pet rabbits need to be able to exercise properly.

While they may not have the large territories that wild rabbits have, we can still provide for them. You can provide an exercise run attached to their hutch/cage, this way they can come and go as they please. A portable run, with wire mesh floor to stop them digging out, can be used to provide the rabbit with a fresh supply of grass and exercise. Make sure the run area is
free of chemicals and pesticides.

Whatever your chosen housing you need to protect your rabbit from predators, e.g. dogs, cats, foxes, and birds of prey. Strong weld mesh wire will give greater protection than commonly used chicken wire and will also help to keep disease carrying vermin out of their home. Make sure hutch doors can be secured properly and exercise runs are enclosed. Regularly check their enclosures. If your rabbit runs free in your garden make sure it is escape proof and that they have access to ‘bolt holes’. Keep them away from any poisonous plants.

Your rabbit and their hutch should be checked daily. Spot clean the hutch every 2-3 days with a total clean out once per week. Rabbits are clean animals and will tend to use one corner for toileting. This makes it easy to litter train rabbits so the toilet area can be easily cleaned out.

For further information please follow this link to the Rabbit Welfare Association website and join their 'Hutch is not enough' campaign.

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