Lost/Found Pets


Unfortunately it is not uncommon to find a stray pet and this advise will hopefully give guidance on what to do if you find a pet that has strayed or if you have lost your own pet. Stray pets can be a whole variety of species, commonly cats and dogs but over the years we have also had escaped caged birds, rodents, rabbits and tortoises! Generally we are the first person to contact if you find an animal you suspect is a stray.  The first thing we will do is check the animal for a microchip.   Reuniting the pet with its owner is easy providing they have kept their microchip contact details up-to-date.  We will generally look after the pet until the owner comes to collect it.   In the case of a dog, the dog may be handed over to the dog warden for collection....

We recommend you also use our Lost and Found page on this website to report the pet as being found (or missing), along with a picture and as much information as you can, including where they were found.   This is easy to do, the page will guide you through what you have to do.

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