Changes we are making over the next few months:

A separate screened off waiting area where you and your cat can sit away from nosey and barking dogs which can stress your cat. We use Feliway in this area to try and reduce stress as much as possible in this busy environment.
Raised areas where you can place your cats basket so they do not have to sit on the floor
CAT ADVOCATES: these are members of the team that have a particular passion and expertise in cat care, these will be vets, nurses and receptionists. You will be able to find out our new cat advocates on the display board or ask at reception. They will be on hand to answer any questions of feline care, nutrition, behaviour and enforce the cat friendly charter.
We already have a separate cat ward, so if your cat has to stay with us you can rest assured that they will be in a cat friendly environment. Feliway diffusers are used to create a calm environment and for longer term patients larger kennels are used with shelves and enrichments to ensure you cat is kept as stress free as possible
All staff will be trained on the best way to handle your cat in the consulting room, ensuring minimal stress and where necessary extra time will be given to those that are particularly sensitive.
New health clinics will be set up to provide wellness checks for cats through all their life stages, as well as special care clinics supporting your cat through treatment for various diseases.
From February 2012 we changed our cat vaccines, providing up to date vaccination protocols tailored to your cat’s lifestyle using Purevax by Merial.

By becoming an accredited practice you can be assured that we are thinking cat in everything we do and providing the highest standard of care to all of our feline patients, improving your and moreover your cat’s experience when visiting the practice.

We would welcome feedback and suggestions on how we can further improve the way we provide individual care to your cat. Feel free to contact Gary Rutland our Head Nurse who has an advanced award in feline friendly nursing. Gary can be contacted on 01376 325511