Topo's owner commented: 'Topo is a very loving affectionate Ragdoll cat, who is never happier than when he is by our side, and follows us everywhere.  He was taken ill with an upset stomach and had stopped eating for a day, we had him checked by Louise Shaw, and was told he had a temperature and was dehydrated and needed to be hospitalised for a couple of days.
Unfortunately Topo deteriorated and septicaemia had developed, he was in a critical condition for several days. He had to be fed through a feeding tube and given a lot of medication. Slowly he started to respond to the treatment.
After twelve days we were able to bring him home. Topo was given so much love, care and attention during his illness, we too were treated with such understanding and kindness. We cannot thank everyone enough for everything.'

Topo was amazing and with time gradually regained his strength and overcame his illness.  Louise added, 'Topo was not a simple case!  Essentially we think he had septicaemia but he was on deaths door.  Throughout his time with we all grew very fond of him, he took weeks to get better but was always such a little gentleman!  I love Topo!'

Topo was given an MVP Pet Bravery Award for her courage and bravery - Well done Topo from all of us, you more than deserve your Award!
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