Most of us take proper sanitation, safe, private and hygienic toilets for granted, but for 40% of the world’s population this is not the case.   We  have twinned our practice toilets with three new toilets which have been built in Bangladesh, Asia.
It's an unusual but fantastic idea. It is somewhat removed from our allegiance to animals, but why not!   We received a picture of our sponsored toilets which have been built in Bangladesh.    A quick Google Image search proves the need for such a basic facility.  
We have been sent a picture of each toilet and have displayed our certificates in our own practice toilets.  Our hope is that other people will support this cause too. The charity is trying to help the millions of people who don’t have access to the simplest of facilities and we would encourage other individuals and business to do the same.

We have been informed by the charity that as a direct  result of the our story in the local and veterinary press, they have received new sponsors.   There are now other vet practices with twinned loos.   Great!
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