Thousands of dogs and cats become seriously ill from diseases that could have been prevented.   If your pet has been vaccinated it has been provided with immunity to many of these diseases.   But immunity doesn't last indefinitely and may gradually fail, leaving your pet at risk.   So immunity needs 'topping up' at regular intervals with a booster vaccination.

Why is it so important to protect cats and dogs by vaccination?
Unless properly vaccinated, cats and dogs are at risk of contracting one of the several, possibly fatal, infectious diseases.   For our dogs, parvovirus and leptospirosis are the most current and widespread threats, depending on where you live.   Both may prove fatal and leptospirosis can present a serious risk to human health as well.  Cats have similar problems with cat flu, enteritis and leukaemia.

Why are booster vaccinations required?
When your kitten or puppy was initially vaccinated, it was provided with immunity to these diseases.   But this immunity doesn't last indefinitely and can gradually fall, leaving your pet at risk.   Your pet's immunity therefore needs 'topping up' at regular intervals.

Can a single injection restore protection when boosters have been allowed to lapse?
You may remember that when your dog pet was little, it was vaccinated twice, with an interval of a couple of weeks between injections.   These two injections were required to ensure a full immune response to all fractions of the vaccine.   After this so called 'primary vaccination', annual boosters - of just one injections - are usually sufficient to keep the animal protected.   However, if the interval between the primary vaccination course and the first booster - or between two boosters in subsequent years - significantly runs over, then protection against some of the diseases may no longer be sufficient. In this case, a new primary course with two injections is required. 

What is a vaccination amnesty?
We send our reminders when boosters are due, but we appreciate that they an arrive at busy times.   For whatever reason, if your cat or dog's booster is significantly overdue,(3 months or more), they will need a new primary vaccination course.   A vaccination amnesty is a way to get your dog's vaccination status back up to date at minimal cost.  For a limited period, we will give your pet a complete new primary course for the cost of a simple booster vaccination.  This offer is extended to any dog or cat that has never had a vaccination, providing they are 6 months or over.  
This is a good time to start your pet on our Millennium Healthcare Package, with no additional cost for restarting the vaccination course.   Fees start from £11 per month.

Your pet will need a full health check, this is a vital part of any vaccination program, as an unhealthy animal may not respond well to vaccination.   It's also an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your dog or cat's health.
For more information on our vaccination amnesty throughout June, please contact us.