‘This study has allowed me to explore the world of veterinary surgery in much finer detail. My advanced surgical skills enable me to offer our patients the very best possible care and a range of more complex procedures at our practice. . I work closely with Paul Freeman and perform surgery to correct stifle (knee) ligament injuries, repair fractured bones and other orthopaedic conditions. Techniques required in repairing large skin wounds/defects, is a challenge but an area of personal interest for me. This can be an extensive process which dictates that I have to build a closer bond with the pet and their owner. Larger and/or difficult to heal wounds often require a combination of surgical debridement (removing devitalised tissue), dressing management and operation(s) to reconstruct areas of missing skin. This is a lengthy process sometimes taking weeks or months to complete, so it gives me a great deal of job satisfaction to see these pets leave, mended and able to continue with their lives normally and without pain.’

Lindsey is one of only three vets in Essex who have been awarded the qualification Certificate in Small Animal Surgery (Cert SAS). Currently there are over 390 practising vets in Essex. Despite this success, Lindsey is very much part of the practice's first opinion service and values her daily contact with our clients and their pets.

Well done Lindsey!