Because of our late opening hours and overnight facilities, you can leave your pet with us up to 8pm on the day before their operation.

We hope this will help take the worry out of keeping them indoors and away from food.   We realise that when the day of your pet’s operation comes along, getting to the surgery before work can just add to the anxiety.   Often your cat can sense this!

They will be fed in the evening by our duty nurse, just let us know what they normally eat. Food needs to be withheld from 10pm the night before the surgery, so we can ensure this happens.   They will of course have a comfi-bed and a litter tray.   Your cat will also have water right up until they receive their premed and pre-op pain relief injections on the morning of the op.

Our cat ward is quiet, warm and comfortable and, as you would expect from Essex’s first certified Cat Friendly Practice, completely separate from those noisy dogs!   Just let our receptionists know if you would like to to take advantage of this benefit, when you ring to book their op.   Our registered nurses will always be happy to talk to you if you are unsure if your cat will settle with us.

Note: If you are having a male cat neutered and they live with an unneutered / entire female, they can make her pregnant up until 6 weeks after their operation and will need to be kept separate.

Service available for all cat spays and castrations.