The Petplan Veterinary Awards are an annual event to find the UK's top veterinary professionals and this year the six different categories, including Practice Manager, attracted over 21,000 votes.   Nominations can be received from clients, members of the public and colleagues who want specific members of staff to be recognised for the work they do.   All the entries are scrutinised by a specially selected judging panel.
The top three finalists from across the country, for all six categories, are invited to the prestigious Petplan Veterinary Awards.   The winners are a closely guarded secret until the golden envelopes are opened - it's like the Oscars!
Carol attended the awards with her husband Martin and met celebrity guest presenter and comedian Chris Turner.  Carol openly described the evening as a very special night!
'What a very special night, shared with great people from the wonderful veterinary world.  Its a great feeling to know you are appreciated and to be recognised not only by those that nominated me but by the judges too, so I want to say a big thank you to those that nominated me.   I couldn't have asked for a better 30th anniversary gift.  Thanks also to Petplan for organising and hosting such a fantastic awards ceremony.  I also feel very special and privileged to work amongst the most amazing bunch of people!'

We loved her very glamours official photograph from the evening and the 3 minute video clip which was showed at the event, click here.   
We just wanted to congratulate you Carol - simply fantastic!
For more information on Carol's 30 year achievements click here.