Tonks was first admitted after vomiting and passing some very watery haemorrhagic at home. She was very flat, had no appetite and wasn't herself at all.  Her owners acted quickly and brought her to us.  After her vet examination Tonks was hospitalised.   She needed fluid therapy, a number of medications and a special feeding tube had to be placed as she didn't regain her appetite in the initial days.  Even a night back at home to raise her spirits would still not entice her to eat. After re-admission and a few days of supportive feeding and tempting her to eat she was finally enticed by some freshly cooked chicken. 

Tonks finally got past her sickness after many days of care at MVP and with her owners. She began to toilet normally and eat without any vomiting. She was discharged home after the worst of her condition was over and she finished her course of her treatment. She is now at home back to her normal playful cheeky self. 

Tonk's owners were very happy with her recovery and is now back to her old self!  Her owner Paul sent us this message a week after Tonk's was discharged:

"Thank you for Tonk's bravery award. She is very happy and making a good recovery. She is back to her fun loving, bouncy, friendly, bossy self!   She was brought in for a mystery illness that led to her haemorrhagic gastroenteritis. The vet said it was unclear whether it was a viral or reaction to pain killers after her operation at the beginning of the week.
She went downhill very quickly, but due to the fast work of Laura, Louise and Stefaan and the nurses (including nurse Matt who was the first to get her to eat a substantial amount of food) she is getting there after a long week of her being in the vet hospital. She even went on to a feeding tube to help her to eat again, as she completely lost her appetite, which is not like her at all. It took a lot of perseverance of all the staff and ourselves upon her discharge, but she is definitely getting there. We are just working on getting her weight back on again, which she is quite happy about 
Thank you guys for all of your help. We are so grateful to still have her with us, telling us all what to do again."

Tonk's was a really brave little dog in the face of her illness and she rightly deserved one of our MVP Pet Bravery Awards.  Well done Tonks.