World Acclaimed photographer Tim Flach spent the day with veterinary surgeon Robin Creighton as part of his latest project to publish another one of his trademark books, but this time on the subject of birds. Robin was contacted because of his success in poultry breeding and showing - Tim was particularly interested in capturing some of Robin's birds.

Robin is no stranger to poultry fame being the UK's most successful poultry breeder to date, with both Robin and his birds appearing in books and magazines on more than 200 occasions, including publications in North America, Europe and Australia.  He can now add his day with Tim Flach to his highlights along with being previously photographed by Lord Snowdon for the Sunday Times and being featured in Country Life Magazine.  

"I was really honoured when Tim contacted me with an interest in photographing some of my birds for the latest book he is working on.  Having seen his previous work in books like Dogs and Endangered I know this current project is going to be just as impressive.  He hopes to capture around 120 different birds, not all domestic species, and I was no.2 on his list - so there are many more birds and many more hours of work ahead of Tim before his book is published. The 9 hour photo shoot resulted in some amazing photos.  It was a great experience and luckily my birds were very well behaved!"  Tim and his full-time assistant Ed Tritton worked their magic on Robin's wonderful birds.

Tim Flach is a renowned photographer known for his interest in animals and the way humans shape animals and shape their meaning.  He has a unique way of exploring their image and capturing an emotional connection.  He has published work on a diverse range of species, his latest book entitled 'Endangered' took him on a journey across the globe to photograph endangered animals in their natural environment.  So rare are some of the animals that they are impossible to find in captivity.  From the critically endangered saiga antelope to the last male northern white rhino, the book gives narrative to the realities faced by the species in the images he has captured - a project that took 20 months of shooting and 6 months of interviewing to choose the right key stories for the book.

See for yourself and take a look at his beautiful books:
  • Equus published in 2008 (ISBN-13: 978-0810971424)
  • Dogs published in 2010 (ISBN-13: 978-0810996533)
  • More than Human published in 2012 (ISBN-13: 978-1419706677)
  • Endangered published in 2017 (ISBN-13: 978-1419726514)For further details about Tim and his work, visit