Dillon, a recently neutered male cat, only 9 months old had just started to venture outside, in Howard Close, Braintree.  Dillon came in as an emergency with severe trauma to left eye, all parts of his eye were damaged. Dillon was very distressed and in a lot of pain and the decision was taken to remove his eye after he was stabilised for shock and pain. During his surgery, performed by Stefaan van Pouke, he found an air gun pellet, which was removed. We kept Dillon in overnight for observation and nursing care, and to give him further pain relief.  Stefaan commented: "Dillon came in to us as an emergency. We saw him right away as he had suffered severe trauma to his left eye. We were unable to save the eye as it was beyond repair. He was taken to surgery right away and had his eye removed. We kept him in overnight for nursing care and further pain relief, this is a very painful injury. Cats tend to recover remarkably well and cope with only one eye. This has been a horrible act of violence and animal cruelty and as Dillon's owners we have urged Mr Bradford and Mr Scott to contact the police. This has put Dillon through unnecessary suffering and an unexpected bill for his owners. We would urge anyone who saw what had happened or know anyone who uses animals as air gun target practice to contact the police.  "Dillon's story was featured in the Braintree and Witham times this week and is making a good recovery.