Specifically for cats!  Your cat's health and well-being are important to us.  Here is some advice about keeping them safe, how to help them and a reminder about their preventative health - don't forget their flea and worming treatments!  We continue to work hard at MVP to make sure your pets can still receive our high level of care if they need to be seen urgently or in the event of an emergency.  If you have any questions about your cat's health please don't hesitate to ring or email us.  Read on...

Your Cat’s Health and Well-being:  

Keep vigilant for signs of your cat becoming ill, this includes cats with access to outside where catfights, road traffic accidents and poisoning can still happen. You will be the best person to spot for signs of illness – knowing what is normal behaviour for them: how much they usually eat, drink and how they usually groom, sleep, walk, climb, run and go to the toilet are all good indicators and will help you spot illness when these change. Please ring us if you are concerned at all. 

Your cat’s normal routine may have changed a little as their families work/school from home and self-isolate, but try to keep things the same for them.  

Their diet and good nutrition are important. Keep to their usual food and if you have a multi-people household don’t give them too many treats or inadvertently give them an extra meal. Cats are remarkably good at telling us they really haven’t eaten for ages and they absolutely must have another treat to survive! To help - weigh out their food and number of treats they can have each day, once it’s gone it's gone!  

Exercise is important too! Try your hand at making food activity games and toys for them and get them to use their hunting instincts (it’s amazing what you can do with toilet rolls and rolled up bits of paper!); play with your cat (toys are more fun when they are moving!) and have a regular check that all their resources are just where they would like them. This is especially important if you have a multi-cat household – i.e. more than one cat! Check you have everything in place for them, with this guide: Your Cat’s Environmental Needs – Practical Tips for Owners, click here

Your cat’s well-being and behaviour can be enhanced by letting your cat make the choices! Interaction is best initiated by your cat, they prefer attention little and often, rather than intense long ones and as much as we love them - save the squeezy hugs for your human family! All cats need their time out too, especially if you are in a busy household so if they want quiet time and rest, then let them without interference. Your cat would like you to visit this site click here for a fun insightful guide to the basics of why cats do what they do and you can test your knowledge!  

Flea and Worming Treatments: 

While current covid-19 restrictions mean we may not be able to offer vaccinations as we would do normally, you should still continue with your cat's routine flea and worming treatments.  

For pet’s on our MVP Care Plan please email us [email protected] and we can dispense a few months supply so you can treat them at home.

Arrangements can be made for you to collect these from us. Alternatively, we can post or deliver them to your door, this may be useful if you are self-isolating and we can advise you of the fee.    

As a reminder, your cat’s ‘Advocate’ spot-on is due every 4 weeks and their additional ‘Profender’ spot on every 3 months. The Profender should be given 2 weeks after the Advocate, not at the same time. 

Vaccinations and Neutering:

We are currently updating our advice on these areas to be compliant with the advice from our professional bodies and comply with current covid-19 restrictions.  If you are concerned about your pet's vaccination status or whether it should be neutered please ring us.

MVP Veterinary Care:  

Our staff are still on hand to help you if you have any queries or concerns about your pet, please ring us on 01376 325511. Once restrictions are lifted we will be able to return to normal service and offer routine health care.  We will advise you of these changes when they happen. In the meantime please follow us on Facebook and check our website www.millenniumvets.co.uk for updates.  

We are offering video consults and will continue to see urgent and emergency cases at our Braintree practice. Our staff will advise you of the social distancing measures we are taking if you need to visit our practice, but please always ring first.  

Our Coggeshall branch will remain closed during these covid-19 restrictions.  

The MVP staff are on duty from 8 am – 7 pm, 7 days a week and outside of these times, your call will be automatically diverted to Vets Now emergency service in Witham.  

Best wishes from All our Staff Millennium Veterinary Practice