Cats of all ages can and do, become seriously ill or die from infections diseases that could have been prevented through vaccination. Vaccination offers the most effective way of protecting your cat against many of the most serious infectious diseases, including Cat Flu, Feline Infectious Enteritis and Feline Leukaemia Virus. These diseases are commonly reported in the UK, and they represent a potentially significant threat to your cat's health.

Primary Vaccination
In the first few weeks of life, kittens are normally protected against disease by antibodies (immunity) from their mother's milk.  This immunity decreases over time and has usually disappeared by approximately 12 weeks of age.  Vaccination is then needed to protect your kitten against disease.  Kittens generally receive a course of two vaccinations.  The first is usually given at nine weeks of age with an interval of three to four weeks between injections.  This primary course ensures that your kitten's immune system has the best chance of mounting a strong protective response.

Booster Vaccination
The immunity generated by the kitten course of vaccinations does not last for life.  Regular booster vaccinations are necessary to maintain the highest possible level of protection against serious infectious diseases.  These regular annual visits also allow us to give your cat a full clinical examination and check up, and spot the early signs of any disease conditions which may be developing.

My Cat?
Not all cat's life styles are the same and not just because they are an indoor or outdoor cat!  To discuss the right vaccination program for your cat, please ring tel: 01376 325511 and speak to one of our registered veterinary nurses.