It was a day to remember and despite the somewhat off putting dark clouds and torrential rain that appeared late morning, the sun shone through.

Many members of staff and their families helped set up our Puppy Playskool themed float which was donated for the day by local company Bailey's Horse Feeds.   Our designated driver Philip was a real gem and he stayed with us and his lorry all day and helped us set up.   Thank you Bailey's and thank you Philip.

We filled the float with our own children, suitably dressed as puppies who were accompanied by several of our dogs.   The stars of the show were our Puppy Playskool teacher and pupil who danced solidly for 3 hours as our float waited in the queue for judging then made the slow journey through town.   These parts were played by Jack Creighton and William Ferguson.   At 13 years of age they both showed extreme stamina, so thank you boys.

We will confess that we were in it to win it and were so excited when we scooped the first prize.  See the picture above of a very elated Dawn is pictured here receiving our award!

Thank you to all our members of staff and their families for taking part.   And thank you to Sam and David Nichols for taking such great photos and presenting the practice with a very large canvas of us all.   We shall hang this with pride, alongside our treasured prize card, rosette and cup!