We can help you make your claim.  We can advise you if we are able to make a direct claim on your behalf or if you will have to make a claim directly through your insurance company. In these cases you will need to pay your bill, then we can help complete and submit your claim form.  If we are able to claim the cost of your pet's treatment direct from your pet insurance company we will need your claim form, (with the policyholders section completed and signed), payments to cover your excess and any co-payments, in full.  We can then process your claim.  WE DO NOT CHARGE AN ADMINISTRATION FEE FOR YOUR PET'S INSURANCE FORMS TO BE COMPLETED!  The following information will help you when making your claim.

How to Claim:
You will need a claim form. Most insurance companies allow you to print off a claim form from their website.  (Claim forms usually consist of 2 pages, page 1 for the policyholder and page 2 for your vet.)  Some companies may accept insurance claims online.

  • You need to complete the policyholder's section of the claim form. This will include details such as: your policy number, contact information, pet's details and condition, method of payment and POLICYHOLDER'S signature.
  • Please ensure all sections are filled in as any omissions may delay the claim decision.
  • Hand your completed form into us along with your excess payment and any co-payments as detailed in your insurance policy.
  • We will complete and sign section 2 of the claim form, this will include more detailed information about our practice, your pet's condition, attach the relevant invoices and complete our practice declaration.
  • In most cases we can process your claim in 1 -2 days.  We will send this by post and it will take approximately 1 -2 weeks for the insurance company to register a claim on your account.  As long as they have all the information needed for the claim and do not query anything, payment will follow. This can take up to 10 weeks, but some companies are considerably quicker!
  • A claim must be made within the first 90 days of the commencement of treatment, regardless of any condition which is likely to need ongoing treatment.  If a new condition develops you must inform your insurance company.
  • When you start your insurance policy you will only be covered for 3rd party insurance and accidental injury.  Insurance against any illness or conditions that have an underlying medical cause are not covered until a minimum of 2 weeks have lapsed after you have taken your policy out - SPEAK TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY AND CHECK THE TERMS OF YOUR POLICY.
  • We can process emergency vet's invoices, if you have had to use the out-of-hours VetsNow emergency service at Witham but also others such as hydrotherapy, acupunture and physiotherapy.   We will either credit your account with this refunded amount once the claim has been paid or give you a refund depending on your wishes.
  • If your pet has received treatment from another vet outside our practice, e.g. being referred to a specialist - this part of your claim will need to be completed by them.
  • If you think your pet's condition and subsequent treatment will result in an insurance claim you may need to seek pre-authorisation from your insurer, before your pet's treatment starts - again check with your insurer.

Note: Insurance fraud is a criminal offence.  We will not back date or make false claims about your pet's treatment.