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Client feedback is very important to us so we can continue to improve our service. As a recent new client of ours, we would appreciate your comments.

Please rate the following questions, with 1 poor and 5 very good

(1) Why did you choose Millennium Veterinary Practice?* 
(2) When you rang us was your call answered promptly?
(3) Were we able to give you an appointment that suited you?
(4) Were our reception staff courteous and efficient?
(5) Were you seen within a reasonable time of your appointment?
(6) Where was your appointment?

(7) What was the date and time of your appointment?
(8) Did you see a nurse, vet or both?
(9) How well did the vet explain everything to you?
(10) How well did the vet explain everything to you?
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(12) Are you aware of our Care Plans?
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(15) Do you have pet insurance? If yes, name of insurance company.
(16) Have you used our online booking service?
(17) Did you know we have a referral service at our Braintree practice and can offer more advanced care for patients with dermatology, oncology, orthopaedic, poultry medicine and soft tissue conditions?
(18) We publish our client feedback comments and testimonials from time to time in our own publications and media sites. Please indicate if you are happy for us to do so.
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