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Pet Passports are required if you need to enter or return to the UK with your cat, dog or ferret.  As well as their passport they will need to be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and be given internal and external parasite cover. We can issue pet passports, please see below:
A number of our vets are also DEFRA Local Veterinary Inspectors (LVI) and are allowed to issue Pet Passports.  If you are planning to take your pet abroad contact us well in advance so we can insure you have everything in place before you travel and when re-entering the country.

To issue a Pets Passport our LVI vets will need a 30 minute pre-scheduled appointment with you.  This is for a full health assessment, check your pet's microchip details, vaccinate them against rabies (this needs to be done at least 3 weeks before travelling) and if everything is in order can issue the passport.   We will need to know the date of travel and where you are travelling to, when you book your appointment.

Over the years the requirements of the pet passport scheme have been relaxed when travelling in the EU, putting your pet at risk from diseases not seen in this country.  

We will advice you of the treatments that are required by the passport scheme, but will also recommend additional parasite cover to protect your pet from other parasite transmitted diseases.

There are many practical considerations to taking your pet abroad.  The RSPCA leaflet below is relevant to this.  Or alternatively visit their website, click here.

For the most up to date information visit the DEFRA website - click here.

Photo courtesy of Dave Brillus RSPCA Taking your pet on holiday
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