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Puppy training classes are important even if you are an experienced dog owner - your puppy isn't experienced in their new world and needs to learn.

We strongly recommend you visit your chosen training class without your puppy.  Watch a class in action and make sure you are comfortable with the trainer and the training environment.  
Ask if the training environment is properly disinfected before the classes begin.  

Note: If your puppy has not finished their vaccination course, mixing with vaccinated dogs is safe, but be aware that they should not be putting their feet on the ground yet!   

Speak to your trainer about their vaccination policy - some may insist they are fully vaccinated before starting the classes but others may accept puppies after they have had their first vaccination.   Either way the younger your puppy is the more behavioural and socialisation benefits they will gain.  What's more it's fun, you and your puppy will love it. 


Some trainers offer one-to-one sessions as well as class sessions.  Some also offer house calls which can be invaluable when building your puppy's routine and seeking advice on your own individual circumstances.

NB: If you are experiencing difficulties no matter how small, please ring us and we can help you.  Early intervention to help your puppy overcome any difficulties is strongly advised - if unwanted behaviours are left untreated, they can become more problematic as they enter adulthood.  Behaviour problems are the number one reason why dogs under the age of 2 years are relinquished to rescue centres and in some cases are euthanised - so please seek help.

With all this advice in mind, please see details of some of the local classes below:

Notley Puppy and DogTraining School

Venue Location: Panfield, Great Notley, Broomfield, 
Contact: Gary Notley 
Telephone: 07547 197833
Email: notleypts@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.notleydogtraining.com

Dog Star Training (Athenae)

Venue Location: Black Notley, Witham and Tiptree
Contact: Jane Williams 
Telephone: 01621 891510 or 07973 985009 
Email: info@dogstartraining.co.uk
Website: www.athenae.co.uk

Dogs Trust Dog School

Venue Location: Writtle College
Contact: Community Training and Behaviour Team - Hannah, Dave or Leigh 
Tel: 01268 535047 or 07920658672
Email: dogstrusttrainingsoutheast@dogstrust.org.uk
Website: click here

Top Dog Training

Venue Location: Felsted
Contact: Rob or Kerry
Tel: 07736 553381
Email: topdogtraining@btinternet.com
Website: www.topdogtraining.net

Kelly's Dog Training

Venue Location: Great Notley
Contact: Kelly
Tel: 01371 850660 or 07928288765
Email: kellysdogtraining@gmail.com
Website: www.kellysdogtraining.co.uk

Four Colnes Dog Training Club

Venue Location: Halstead
Contact: Angela or Nina Whitnell
Tel: 01787 223864
Website: www.fourcolnesdogtrainingclub.co.uk

Hedingham Hounds

Venue Location: Hedingham
Contact: Selina Fitzgerald
Telephone: 01787 582809 / 07980183220
Website: www.hedinghamhounds.co.uk

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