Our consultation appointments are available throughout the day. We aim for each consulting vet to see about 5 patients per hour which allows for longer appointments than many practices.

We want you to be confident in the treatment advice you receive from us and we understand that seeing a number of different vets can sometimes interfere with this. So we do encourage you to develop an understanding with one or two of our vets and ask for them by name when you make an appointment for your pet. We will do our best to arrange for you to see them.

Health and disease can be unpredictable! Urgent cases will always be given priority and this will sometimes mean that your vet has had to break from their appointment schedule to attend an emergency. We appreciate that your time is valuable and we will try to keep you informed of any significant delay. We hope you will bear with us when this happens.

All our vets are fully qualified general practitioners, but many have additional special qualifications or interests that lend the practice a comprehensive range of skills on which to draw, including orthopaedics, oncology, dermatology, general surgery, poultry medicine, ophthalmology, ENT, rabbit medicine and treatment of reptiles.


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