Knowing how to be safe with dogs is life skill for your friends and family old and young.  The following is a must read for any dog owner, especially for those with children.  And if you are preparing to bring a child into your dog's world then read on ...
The following links will take you to information and clear advice on being safe with dogs and how to help you and your dog prepare for children in its home. 

If you have concerns please contact us and further advice.

Blue Cross
Dogs Trust
Kennel Club
  • SAFE AND SOUND SCHEME - teaching kids how to be safe around dogs click here
Interactive learning
Cartoon Posters
Family Paws Parent Education
  • For the full Family Paws website click here
  • or their download their easy to understand posters click here Blue Cross 'Be Safe with Dogs'
Be Safe with Dogs Blue Cross 'Advice on Your Dog and Your Baby'
Advice on Your Dog and Your Baby

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