Parasites & Fly Stike


Fly strike and parasites can be avoided with good health and husbandry measures ...

Parasites such as mites, lice, fleas and flies can affect your rabbit.
  • They can be transferred between rabbits and through their bedding.
  • If you notice your Rabbit has a poor coat condition, a large amount of dandruff, crust hears or is scratching or biting its fur and causing sore patches then this could indicate parasites.
  • Apart from being very uncomfortable, if left untreated your pet can become unwell.
It is important you contact us for advice if you see any of these signs. Treatment is available by administering an insecticide or insect repellent specifically for rabbits and rodents. We can advice you of the best and safest product and if used as a preventative measure, can keep your rabbit free from some of these parasites.

Flystrike is a common condition of rabbits.
  • If the rabbit has urinary incontinence or loose stools, the soiling on its bottom attracts flies and they lay their eggs on the soiled area.
  • These then hatch into maggots which then start eating the rabbit’s skin. This condition is very painful and deteriorates very quickly as the maggots grow rapidly.
  • If left untreated the rabbit may die or have to be put to sleep.
  • Fly strike can be prevented.
  • Check and groom your rabbit daily especially, if it becomes soiled.
  • We can advise a specific topical insecticide for your rabbit.
  • If you find eggs or maggots in your rabbit’s fur, you should contact us immediately for further advice.
  • Fly strike is more common on elderly or obese rabbits.

Keeping your rabbit at the optimum weight will allow it to groom effectively and keep their bottom clean.

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