I've lost my pet


The following gives advice on how to look for your pet if they are lost:

Ways to help find your pet:
  • If your pet is microchipped contact your microchip database, all your local vets and if a dog - the dog warden and the police to report it missing. (If you suspect your pet has been stolen, you must inform the police and get a crime reference number.)
  • Social Media, such as Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to help find a lost pet. There have been lots of success stories to date.  Don't forget to message your local community Facebook sites.
  • Advertise in the ‘Lost’ section of your local newspaper and be sure to read the ‘Found’ advertisements.
  • Contact local animal charities that take stray pets in
  • Make posters/flyers and lots of them!   Place them in pet shops, vets, supermarkets, restaurants, grooming parlors, dog clubs, local stores and post offices; wherever you can think of!
  • Dogs and cats are not always predictable and can stray long distances. Look everywhere and tell everyone.
We recommend you use our Lost and Found page on this website to report your pet as being lost, along with a picture.  Give as much information as you can - e.g. details of where they were found and description of the animal itself.  It is easy to self-load, just follow the simple steps AND REMEMBER THE PICTURE.

For further information and to download the Cats Protection's Lost Cat Leaflet, which is relevant to all pets and species - click here.

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