I've found a dog


The following gives advice on what to do if you find a stray dog:

  • Check its collar for an id tag and contact the owners directly if possible
  • If the dog doesn't have an id tag then phone the dog warden at Braintree council on 01376 552525 to report the dog as found, as the owner may have already reported it as missing. You can they arrange for the dog warden or owners to collect the dog, or you can phone us and arrange to bring the dog down, we will scan for a microchip
  • If the dog is microchipped the owners will be contacted and collection arranged, if the dog does not have a microchip or the owners details on the microchip have not been kept up to date, the dog will be collected by the dog warden (usually within 48hours)
  • In the case of illness or injury, we will normally admit the dog to our wards.   Treatment will then be based on the nature of the dog's illness or injury and this will always be in the best interest of the dog's welfare.   Where the dog's health is in severe decline the decision may be made to euthanase it on humane and welfare grounds.
  • Otherwise dogs can be rehomed or euthanased if an owner has not been found within 7 days

All lost and found pets can be loaded onto the lost and found page on our website (click here). Please use this to place any lost or found pets for all to see and we encourage you to include a photo.   These pages have helped to reunite many pets who have been found or lost.

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